T.V. TIME! is a new musical revue conceived by Edward Juvier and Kyle C. Norris.  The show was presented at the Laurie Beechman Theatre on November 2nd & 6th at 7 PM.    

TV  Time! is a new musical revue that celebrates the jubilant music of American television.  This feel-good show takes a nostalgic trip down Memory Lane to honor the programs and products that helped shape our collective American experience.  

The music that appears on our television connects us.  In almost an instant the theme songs of television shows make us feel a wide range of emotions.  We feel joy in knowing all the lyrics and quirky orchestrations that we have unintentionally committed to heart.  We feel excitement in finding out what is going to happen to our beloved characters.  We feel warm and cozy as we remember sitting almost ritualistically with our friends and family to watch our favorite television shows.  We laugh so hard that it hurts and cry tears that are all too real.  TV theme songs are a launching pad to all these emotions.  In a way, this music and these songs are the soundtrack of the American living room.

Director: Edward Juvier

Cast: Jim Bray, John Wascavage, Michael Thomas Walker, Jeffrey Johnson, Zoe Kassay, Meredith Lark, Tauren Hagans, Amanda Berry

Band: Coyote Anderson, Corey Emerson, Doug Hinrichs, Kyle Norris

Choreography: Patch David

Lighting Designer: Michael O'Connor

Costume Designer: Samantha Lind

Stage Manager: Andrew Morton

Assistant Director: Abby Wylan